Overstock Vehicles in Your Lot? Wish You Could Just Give ‘Em the Old Heave-Ho?

December is almost here and that means it’s time for some dealership house-cleaning.  Gotta somehow move those older vehicles off the lot to make way for the shiny new 2017’s.  Most dealerships have, by now, planned out their end-of-year sales campaigns to do just that… and then everyone crosses their fingers.

The good news is that over the recent few years, holiday shopping season has been extended in the minds consumers to include automotive purchases and not just items that fit under a tree.  Some people even wait till the end of the year to see what incentives dealerships are offering before deciding to buy.  Customers are aware that some pricing incentives are greater at this time of the year because of the sales manager’s desire to have overstock sold and have yearly targets met.  What was once considered as a slow time of year, has boomed into a selling season in itself!

According to an Edmunds.com’s car shopping trend analysis article, 2015 had the strongest December new vehicle sales on record and it was the best sales month since July of 2005.

With this in mind, selling your overstock before year-end is possible with sales events, good incentives and the kind of truly effective communication that’ll get your campaign noticed.  Only TAARGA has Confirmation Marketing that’ll do just that.  We’ll help you seamlessly send out personalized emails, text messages with response capability and voicemails to all your customer contacts.

The customers are there and they’re waiting for your end-of-year deals.  It’s time to let them know you’ve got them.  We know you weren’t really going to give your overstock the old heave-ho.  Now your older vehicles can leave the lot with happy customers and leave you happy with completed sales targets.