2 Key Ingredients to Soup-Up your Dealership’s Black Friday Campaign

If Black Friday is as hot an event as a stovetop, picture a sales-phabet soup being simmered by dealerships far and wide.  It’s like a giant stockpot of discounts, deals and offers that make customers salivate in anticipation of Black Friday.

With so many sales floating around, how can you stand out and be the one that gets on the spoon and gets to the customer?  The answer lies in two key considerations that, if utilized right, can become real drivers to Black Friday success.  – The veritable spices that’ll get your sales noticed.

Ingredient #1:  Differentiation.

Don’t just offer sales.  Be different.  Be creative.  Give them a theme and make it holiday-centric.  Focus on helping customers get that perfect gift for those they cherish and offer ideas that are, of course, vehicle related and more exciting than just discounts.

For example, detailing may make an excellent gift for anyone who likes to show off his or her vehicle.  For those that take care of others or those with older vehicles, certificates for parts or tune-ups would make a great gift.  For people that have a vehicle that is almost an extension of themselves, (you know who they are; muscle car owners and owners of opposite-sex magnet type vehicles), many gifts come to mind ranging from spoilers to lighting accessories to promotional apparel.

Once you have come up with great vehicle gift ideas and a good promotion to go with, add ingredient #2 to get your Black Friday campaign all souped up.

Ingredient #2: Personalized customer targeting

Focus on the different types of customers you have and match your holiday gift ideas with the information you have about them.  Add your promotional campaign and send these customers only the offers that they would be interested in.  

Avoid mass emailing and don’t over-email.  It is futile to promote your campaign to people who have no interest in what you’re selling or to send them multiple emails with different promotions in the hope that they’ll be interested in one of them.  You run the risk of over-promoting and putting people off that may otherwise buy from you someday.

Its called getting it right the first time.  This is where TAARGA can help you streamline your customer targeting, make it personal and take it to the next level.  With the customer specifics you have in your database and TAARGA’s Confirmation Marketing technology, we can splice the right promotion to the right customer and send it to them by email, text or voicemail.

Be hot and ready for Black Friday with TAARGA. Soup’s on, folks!