Halloween Marks The Start Of Tire Season And Scary It Will Be If Those Tires Aren’t Checked!

It’s like the powers-that-be ring the bell just after Halloween to hail the beginning of everything TIRE in the automotive world.  You have a job to do to get your customers to not only consider checking or changing their tires, but to get them to come to your dealership for the servicing.

With the competition wanting as much of the tire business as you, how do you get an edge?  The good news is that there is a lot you can do to get your customers interested in tires, besides just offering them a deal, like everyone else.

Educate your customers so that they know that it’s not just about the sale.  It’s about their safety.  Road conditions, climate and even driving habits can affect tire treads over time.  Neglecting tire maintenance, for example, not ensuring correct air pressure, will definitely affect tire life span and need they’ll need to get checked.  Also, improper tire usage like using summer tires in winter or mixing tire types will be cause for concern.  Remind your customers that typical driving will cause tire treads to wear out in about three to four years. At this point, they need to be checked by a professional and possibly be replaced.

A fun way to earn customer interest in tires is to introduce them to the penny test in the U.S. and the quarter test in Canada.

  • The American way:

        Take a penny and with the Lincoln’s head upside down, put it between the treads of the tire. If his head is buried, this is good.  If you still can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread is worn down too much and it’s time to go shopping.

  • The Canadian way:

Take a quarter and with the Queen’s head upside down, put it between the treads of the tire. If her head is covered by tread, this is good.  If the top of her head is entirely visible, it’s also time to go shopping.

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