Don’t Let Your Customers’ Older Vehicles Suffer Through Winter’s Wear and Tear. Give them an Option They can Warm Up To.

A brand new winter awaits to take the stage and act out a drama scene involving bitter cold, sloppy slush, slippery sleet, and gritty salt; all of which wreak havoc on our vehicles. We know that and our customers know that. In fact, right now, customers are trying not to think of what they should be doing to prepare their vehicles for winter because they’re dreading the decisions and the expense.

This is the ideal time for dealerships to use their expertise and help their customers make wise decisions that’ll make winter a lot easier, safer and less expensive for them in the long run.  They will thank you with their loyalty!

How many customers in your database have vehicles that are five years old or older?  On an older vehicle, the weather has an even greater impact on parts. It is around the five-year mark, that timing belts, suspension bits along with a host of other parts need to be checked, fixed and possibly replaced to keep the vehicle humming through the winter.

When the service expense is too high, why not offer your customers the option to trade in their rusty heap for a brand new vehicle. Offer them a deal to unload a burden and replace it with less hassle and road trips that are safe and sound. This they might consider.

TAARGA can help you invite those customers for a service appointment to assess their winter-readiness and help them through a “fix-old or buy-new” decision.

Only TAARGA has the power of Confirmation Marketing to really get the attention of your customers. We can send personalized emails to your older-vehicle customers; the kind of emails that really get opened. We can also send text messages and voice campaigns that will get them in the door this autumn.
Don’t let your customers avoid the decisions they should be making before winter. Show you care by contacting TAARGA now and invite your customers to consider the “fix-old or buy-new” option at your dealership. You have only sales and loyalty to gain!