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Hit Your Monthly Sales Goal With One Email!

The end of the month is less than two weeks away. Are you worried about missing your sales goal? If so, stop waiting for appointments and sales to materialize from thin air and take matters into your own hands.

Start by making sure your marketing tools are ready for the job, or like Jimmy Ziegler says, “you need to sharpen your axe before you chop down a tree.”

In this case, if the sale is the tree, consider your database as the permit and Confirmation Marketing as the best tool in the shed; it’s quick; cost effective; and, converts.


The easiest starting point is sending personalized emails. It may sound too simple, but it is a proven tool that can help you book more test drives before the end of the month. Why try to recreate the wheel?

Email marketing has 2X higher ROI than cold calling, networking or trade shows. (Marketing Sherpa, 2013)

You can automate your email blast, so with one click you can send everyone in your database a personalized message based on data you’ve collected already – name, current vehicle, preferred model or price range. It saves you time and delivers results. There are professionals out there can help you refine your process.

There’s more to Confirmation Marketing than just automated email blasts but start there and work your way towards the perfect drip process for lead nurturing. That way you’re never stuck for appointments before the end of the month again.

If you use the best tools right now, your sales quota this month is only an email away.

TAARGA is offering free MANAGED email campaigns for car dealers this month. Work with our Confirmation Marketing specialists to help you setup and send a personalized email blast that will lead to actual test drives and sales.