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Overstock Vehicles in Your Lot? Wish You Could Just Give ‘Em the Old Heave-Ho?

December is almost here and that means it’s time for some dealership house-cleaning.  Gotta somehow move those older vehicles off the lot to make way for the shiny new 2017’s.  Most dealerships have, by now, planned out their end-of-year sales campaigns to do just that… and then everyone crosses their fingers.

The good news is that over the recent few years, holiday shopping season has been extended in the minds consumers to include automotive purchases and not just items that fit under a tree.  Some people even wait till the end of the year to see what incentives dealerships are offering before deciding to buy.  Customers are aware that some pricing incentives are greater at this time of the year because of the sales manager’s desire to have overstock sold and have yearly targets met.  What was once considered as a slow time of year, has boomed into a selling season in itself!

According to an’s car shopping trend analysis article, 2015 had the strongest December new vehicle sales on record and it was the best sales month since July of 2005.

With this in mind, selling your overstock before year-end is possible with sales events, good incentives and the kind of truly effective communication that’ll get your campaign noticed.  Only TAARGA has Confirmation Marketing that’ll do just that.  We’ll help you seamlessly send out personalized emails, text messages with response capability and voicemails to all your customer contacts.

The customers are there and they’re waiting for your end-of-year deals.  It’s time to let them know you’ve got them.  We know you weren’t really going to give your overstock the old heave-ho.  Now your older vehicles can leave the lot with happy customers and leave you happy with completed sales targets.

Every Customer Tells a Story

We invite you to sit down and take a look at your customer database.  Perhaps you see a list of customers, what services were rendered for them and what they have bought from you over a period of time.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to think of your customers as fascinating characters in the lifecycle of vehicle ownership.  It’s like a book that starts with purchasing a vehicle.  The narrative ensues with services performed and relationships being built between service specialists and customers.  The story reaches its end when the vehicle can be driven no more and perhaps a sequel begins at the purchase of a new vehicle.

In our last blog, we talked about two key ingredients to soup-up your Black Friday campaign and noted gift ideas for different kinds of customers.  Within your own customer database, if you take the steps to group your customers based on what they purchased in the past, you are on your way to targeting the right gift ideas to the right customers.

As you get to know your customers, you’ll find out all kinds of interesting tidbits of information to help you populate your customer database. A few examples of facts, preferences and concerns include:

  • Type of Customer: Male or female, single, married, with family
  • Age
  • Income bracket
  • Vehicle owned: Model, age, added features
  • Purchasing trends
  • Frequency and types of services rendered
  • Customer feedback

Turn these customers into fascinating characters; each one with a story; each one with particular interests and concerns.  When they are grouped with similar customers, you have the right setting to personalize your Black Friday campaigns and make them super-effective.  Add TAARGA Confirmation Marketing and we’ll send truly personalized emails to each group of customers you have.  We can also send and receive instant texts and voice campaigns to really get your Black Friday campaign noticed.

Every customer tells a story and we at TAARGA know how to make your customers feel like you know them.  That’s how relationships are built.

2 Key Ingredients to Soup-Up your Dealership’s Black Friday Campaign

If Black Friday is as hot an event as a stovetop, picture a sales-phabet soup being simmered by dealerships far and wide.  It’s like a giant stockpot of discounts, deals and offers that make customers salivate in anticipation of Black Friday.

With so many sales floating around, how can you stand out and be the one that gets on the spoon and gets to the customer?  The answer lies in two key considerations that, if utilized right, can become real drivers to Black Friday success.  – The veritable spices that’ll get your sales noticed.

Ingredient #1:  Differentiation.

Don’t just offer sales.  Be different.  Be creative.  Give them a theme and make it holiday-centric.  Focus on helping customers get that perfect gift for those they cherish and offer ideas that are, of course, vehicle related and more exciting than just discounts.

For example, detailing may make an excellent gift for anyone who likes to show off his or her vehicle.  For those that take care of others or those with older vehicles, certificates for parts or tune-ups would make a great gift.  For people that have a vehicle that is almost an extension of themselves, (you know who they are; muscle car owners and owners of opposite-sex magnet type vehicles), many gifts come to mind ranging from spoilers to lighting accessories to promotional apparel.

Once you have come up with great vehicle gift ideas and a good promotion to go with, add ingredient #2 to get your Black Friday campaign all souped up.

Ingredient #2: Personalized customer targeting

Focus on the different types of customers you have and match your holiday gift ideas with the information you have about them.  Add your promotional campaign and send these customers only the offers that they would be interested in.  

Avoid mass emailing and don’t over-email.  It is futile to promote your campaign to people who have no interest in what you’re selling or to send them multiple emails with different promotions in the hope that they’ll be interested in one of them.  You run the risk of over-promoting and putting people off that may otherwise buy from you someday.

Its called getting it right the first time.  This is where TAARGA can help you streamline your customer targeting, make it personal and take it to the next level.  With the customer specifics you have in your database and TAARGA’s Confirmation Marketing technology, we can splice the right promotion to the right customer and send it to them by email, text or voicemail.

Be hot and ready for Black Friday with TAARGA. Soup’s on, folks!

Use your Customer Loyalty Program to Boost Service Appointments this November

Ah, November – biting-cold rain, wailing winds and winter maintenance on every dealership’s mind.  The last month of autumn eggs on thoughts of quotas and how to get customers out of the bitter cold into the warm hearth of service departments. Ah, it brings on visions of customers happily sipping a Keurig, Nespresso, or the like, in the comfort of a plush seat in the waiting room.

So how do you bring customers inside without the lure of a fireplace or a steam bath?  It’s easy.  One thing you can do, is think about how you can use your customer loyalty program to get them into your dealership now.  Most local mechanics out there are too small to be able to offer loyalty programs, so use your advantage and give your customers another reason to choose their dealer for winter vehicle maintenance instead of “the other guy mechanic”.

If you don’t have a customer loyalty program as of yet, it may be worth considering as 75% of companies that use loyalty programs, generate a positive ROI according to a MarketingProfs infographic.

Customer loyalty programs are all about keeping the customers you already have. Let’s look at a few more stats.  83% of customers agree that loyalty programs make them more likely to do business with companies and 67% of returning customers spend more money than new customers.  In fact, did you know that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep one?

Stats aside, if your dealership has a customer loyalty program in place, now is a great time to get your customers to cash in some points on winter maintenance. Getting the family vehicle winter-ready is on people’s minds, but with life’s busy schedules, perhaps it’s not priority until the first snowfall hits.

Offer your customers the opportunity to apply points on winter tune-ups or a set of new tires in exchange for paying for other services.  You could very well generate sales on services that customers might have otherwise left for another time.

TAARGA is ready to help you bring in those loyalty program customers.  With our Confirmation Marketing, we’ll help you let your customers know that you appreciate their loyalty by offering points redemption on certain winter maintenance that isn’t normally covered.  Send personalized emails to your loyalty program members or incentivize by text or voicemail.  You can even receive text message responses to your campaign.

Do more than boost waiting room ambiance with a Keurig machine or plush seats. Boost service appointments and visits to your comfy waiting room with TAARGA and your customer loyalty program.

Halloween Marks The Start Of Tire Season And Scary It Will Be If Those Tires Aren’t Checked!

It’s like the powers-that-be ring the bell just after Halloween to hail the beginning of everything TIRE in the automotive world.  You have a job to do to get your customers to not only consider checking or changing their tires, but to get them to come to your dealership for the servicing.

With the competition wanting as much of the tire business as you, how do you get an edge?  The good news is that there is a lot you can do to get your customers interested in tires, besides just offering them a deal, like everyone else.

Educate your customers so that they know that it’s not just about the sale.  It’s about their safety.  Road conditions, climate and even driving habits can affect tire treads over time.  Neglecting tire maintenance, for example, not ensuring correct air pressure, will definitely affect tire life span and need they’ll need to get checked.  Also, improper tire usage like using summer tires in winter or mixing tire types will be cause for concern.  Remind your customers that typical driving will cause tire treads to wear out in about three to four years. At this point, they need to be checked by a professional and possibly be replaced.

A fun way to earn customer interest in tires is to introduce them to the penny test in the U.S. and the quarter test in Canada.

  • The American way:

        Take a penny and with the Lincoln’s head upside down, put it between the treads of the tire. If his head is buried, this is good.  If you still can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread is worn down too much and it’s time to go shopping.

  • The Canadian way:

Take a quarter and with the Queen’s head upside down, put it between the treads of the tire. If her head is covered by tread, this is good.  If the top of her head is entirely visible, it’s also time to go shopping.

TAARGA can help you avoid being like every other service center and just throw deals at your customers.  We’ll get them interested in coming to YOU for servicing. With TAARGA’s Confirmation Marketing, you can let them know that it’s easy to make an appointment now, before the end of November craze.  Send personalized emails at the click of a button.  You can also easily send and receive text messages for your text-savvy customers and do voice campaigns for those customers that like to listen to a message.  It’s all there.

Okay, there’s more:

TAARGA is offering FREE Managed Emails for a limited time. Do a free trial with us and we’ll have your campaign up and running in THREE days or less!  Call us and we’ll have you saying Goodbye Halloween and Hello Tire Season!