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You Have the Upper Hand in the Game of Promoting Value and Winning Customer Loyalty.

Unlike a lot of other mechanics out there that try to play the game, your dealership has all the latest equipment and top-notch expertise to give your customers’ vehicles a long and healthy road life. From soup to nuts, you’ve got it covered. Why not stack the cards in your favor by offering what customers really want; Value. Play your hand right and win customer loyalty.

Value is your trump card:

While customers are having work done in your service center, offer them a free inspection while they are there.  It’s a simple concept.  From a customer’s point of view, it goes a long way in the thought that they’re getting much more than they paid for.  They will happily come back for more.

Here are the bonus points:

If you happen to find any maintenance required during the free inspection, you may be able to provide a paid-for service that’ll help you make your quotas while keeping your valued customers safe on the road.

Play the game with a TAARGA playing piece to boost your success:

Offer a free vehicle alignment check, for example. With our weather-wary roads, potholes, curbs and even just day-to-day driving can have a grave effect on a vehicle’s suspension system and steering components.  TAARGA can help you promote this free service with TAARGA’s own trump card; Confirmation Marketing.

Confirmation Marketing is a powerful tool that has achieved proven success in getting customer response.  Let us send personalized emails, text messages and voice campaigns for you to let your customers know that you care enough to give them value in exchange for loyalty.

Don’t leave the hope of customers coming in for servicing to a roll of the dice.

Schedule a Test Drive with TAARGA today and let us help you win the game by promoting value and keeping your customers happy.

Are Your Customers having Repair-Affairs with Other Mechanics?

You are an attractive and desirable dealership. You have customers that are faithful and repeatedly come to you for the vehicle maintenance that they know and love.

Not to put the relationship in question, but a healthy look at the service-relationship you have with your customers can only make it stronger.   Have you ever considered the possibility of a ménage-a-trois happening right under your nose?  It happens all the time. Customers oft time consider going to a different mechanic to get work done on their vehicle.  People want to save money and go where it’s the cheapest.  It’s an affair of the wallet, we must admit.  Sometimes they go to your dealership, sometimes they go elsewhere to give their vehicle some love.  Sometimes it depends on what’s covered under warranty.  When the vehicle warranty has expired, customers are even more likely to venture astray.

So what is a dealer to do?  Consider attracting them back by letting them know that you are the experts of their brand of vehicle.  Only you have intimate knowledge of the electronics under their hood.  You have the right certification and access to guaranteed parts that they may need.

One clear example of dealer advantage over the ‘other guy’ is when changing seasonal tires.  Most vehicles manufactured today are equipped with a TPS. (Tire Pressure Sensor). There are now special considerations to be made when changing tires with a TPS.  If done incorrectly, a sensor can be broken.  This can cause more repair or potentially put customers in danger if they can’t detect when their tires are under-inflated.

This is just one example of many that can be used to encourage customers to seek out their dealership’s service department for servicing.  Let TAARGA help you remind your customers that they can and should rely on you for precise servicing, backed by expertise and accountability.

With TAARGA’s Confirmation Marketing, communicating with your customers has never been easier or more effective.  Send personalized emails that’ll make them dump that ‘other guy’ mechanic and come back into the arms of you, their trusted dealer.  Send and even receive text messages from your customer base.  Use voice campaigns for those customers who prefer to receive messages on their voice-mail.

With winter coming, the time is now to quell repair-affairs and win back those customers that have strayed, enticed by the cheaper shenanigans advertised by less qualified mechanics.  Call TAARGA today and let our communication expertise help keep the dealer/customer relationship stronger than ever.

Book your Confirmation Marketing test drive today.

Don’t Let Your Customers’ Older Vehicles Suffer Through Winter’s Wear and Tear. Give them an Option They can Warm Up To.

A brand new winter awaits to take the stage and act out a drama scene involving bitter cold, sloppy slush, slippery sleet, and gritty salt; all of which wreak havoc on our vehicles. We know that and our customers know that. In fact, right now, customers are trying not to think of what they should be doing to prepare their vehicles for winter because they’re dreading the decisions and the expense.

This is the ideal time for dealerships to use their expertise and help their customers make wise decisions that’ll make winter a lot easier, safer and less expensive for them in the long run.  They will thank you with their loyalty!

How many customers in your database have vehicles that are five years old or older?  On an older vehicle, the weather has an even greater impact on parts. It is around the five-year mark, that timing belts, suspension bits along with a host of other parts need to be checked, fixed and possibly replaced to keep the vehicle humming through the winter.

When the service expense is too high, why not offer your customers the option to trade in their rusty heap for a brand new vehicle. Offer them a deal to unload a burden and replace it with less hassle and road trips that are safe and sound. This they might consider.

TAARGA can help you invite those customers for a service appointment to assess their winter-readiness and help them through a “fix-old or buy-new” decision.

Only TAARGA has the power of Confirmation Marketing to really get the attention of your customers. We can send personalized emails to your older-vehicle customers; the kind of emails that really get opened. We can also send text messages and voice campaigns that will get them in the door this autumn.
Don’t let your customers avoid the decisions they should be making before winter. Show you care by contacting TAARGA now and invite your customers to consider the “fix-old or buy-new” option at your dealership. You have only sales and loyalty to gain!

The Winter-Way To Exceed your Sales Quotas This Month

As the slush and snow-covered slippery roads are but a forecast away, now is the time to get that winter service strategy rolling and shovel-up your share of the winter tire business.

Get ready, as customers are about to come snowstorming in for oil, lube and filter changes and those wonderful multiple-point inspections.

Or will they?

Customers everywhere are only a reminder away, that they had better start thinking about prepping their vehicle for the frigid months to come. This is your opportunity to make the sales-snowstorm happen and fill your quota like a dumpster fills a snowbank!

What would you get if you could meet your quota easily with only a winter service strategy, your customer database and seriously effective communication in your stash?

You’d get open rates you haven’t seen before, fully-booked appointments and a warm smile that’ll keep winter’s cold at bay.

What is this seriously effective communication? It is Confirmation Marketing and it is what TAARGA does best.

With nothing more than the customer data you already have and TAARGA’s Confirmation Marketing technology, we can send personalized emails along with effective text messaging and voice campaigns that really convert.

Let us help you greatly reduce your need for cold-calling and print ads this month. Customers’ eyes are on their mobile devices so why not advertise where they are looking?  You’ve got the winter service strategy. We’ve got the winter-way to get it done right.

Schedule your winter maintenance test drive today.

Hit Your Monthly Sales Goal With One Email!

The end of the month is less than two weeks away. Are you worried about missing your sales goal? If so, stop waiting for appointments and sales to materialize from thin air and take matters into your own hands.

Start by making sure your marketing tools are ready for the job, or like Jimmy Ziegler says, “you need to sharpen your axe before you chop down a tree.”

In this case, if the sale is the tree, consider your database as the permit and Confirmation Marketing as the best tool in the shed; it’s quick; cost effective; and, converts.


The easiest starting point is sending personalized emails. It may sound too simple, but it is a proven tool that can help you book more test drives before the end of the month. Why try to recreate the wheel?

Email marketing has 2X higher ROI than cold calling, networking or trade shows. (Marketing Sherpa, 2013)

You can automate your email blast, so with one click you can send everyone in your database a personalized message based on data you’ve collected already – name, current vehicle, preferred model or price range. It saves you time and delivers results. There are professionals out there can help you refine your process.

There’s more to Confirmation Marketing than just automated email blasts but start there and work your way towards the perfect drip process for lead nurturing. That way you’re never stuck for appointments before the end of the month again.

If you use the best tools right now, your sales quota this month is only an email away.

TAARGA is offering free MANAGED email campaigns for car dealers this month. Work with our Confirmation Marketing specialists to help you setup and send a personalized email blast that will lead to actual test drives and sales.